Agile Venture Vimercate 2019

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  • Saturday 08 June 2019
  • from 08:30 to 18:00
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  • Nokia Via Energy Park, 14 20871 Vimercate

DevOps answers the call for rapid innovation in fast-changing markets. Which role does Agile Software Development, continuous integration/continuous delivery and DevOps play in fast changing markets and what are barriers to implementation?

Teams need to adapt to new challenges, and change the way they deliver new functionalities, as well as the tools they use to do this.

DevOps requires a change in processes and behaviour to create close collaboration between all involved parties, including customer different groups and organizations.

How "Continuous Everything" motto is tailored for different markets and industries?

DevOps methodology provides a solution based on a mindset that combines microservice architecture, process standardization and automation, the right toolchain, infrastructure as a code, and organizational changes.

When deployed in accordance with the specific market/domain needs, DevOps is a powerful way for organizations to accelerate innovation and deliver new services much faster to win business in the current rapidly changing market


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  • Sales end 08.06.2019 17:30

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  • Sales end 08.06.2019 17:30

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